Welcome to GIBON Pool!

Maximize Your Staking Rewards!

 1st Cardano DEX tokens GiveAway!
Free Milk tokens from MuesliSwap for top 6 delegators 
(epoch 308-311)

Your stake is 100k Ada whole epoch - you will get 100 Milk/epoch

1 block mined = 1 extra winner will get 50 Milk+5000 Pigy tokens!!!

stake pool details



pool id

b352315bd54d61dfcd8fd78a2aa4 f3e0cc8ef342b9495465b0b0b2ce


28 000 Ada


1 %


Always 99.9%

fixed fee

340 Ada



- 20% of pool rewards will be donate to charities helping Animals
- Delegating your Ada to GIBON pool helps decentralization of the network
- You can win every month great prices (Ada, NFT's, ledgers, tokens etc.)
- low 1% Margin

- You can get PIGY tokens for staking (stake at least 1k Ada)
- You can get free Milk tokens (epoch 308-311)
- Very fast servers (NEW YORK and Germany)
- 24 hours support
- Support small SPO to help decentralization 
- Good ROA around 5%


Staking or delegating ADA is easy to do from any of the popular wallets.

How to stake from Daedalus wallet
  1. Open the Daedalus wallet
  2. Make sure you have ADA in your wallet
  3. Click the second button in the left panel and select the Stake Pools tab
  4. Search for GIBON and click the Delegate to this pool button

How to stake from Yoroi wallet
  1. Open the Yoroi wallet
  2. Make sure you have ADA in your wallet
  3. Click on the Delegation List tab. (On the mobile app click on Go to Staking Center)
  4. Search for GIBON
  5. Select GIBON and click the Delegate button

How to stake from Adalite wallet
    • Login to your Adalite wallet
    • Make sure you have ADA in your wallet
    • Click on the Staking tab
    • Paste
      into the Stake Pool ID field under Delegate Stake
    • Click Delegate

❤️ STAKE AND WIN!!!! ❤️

Winner of June (epoch 273)
  Ledger Nano S
            stake1u86w9fexwp2a6f8ptanfqsjx6q5zrnxvy8kk2y64ht9dz8cj60kzk !!!

Winners of July (epoch 279)
        Cardano Hoodie 
       Cardano coin limited edition   

Winner of August (epoch 285)

Ledger Nano X!!!

Winner of September (epoch 291)

 won 100 ADA!!!

Winners of October (epoch 297)
 Top 5 delegators win 10 ADA and some THANK YOU tokens!!! 

Winners of November (epoch 304)
 3 Random delegators got random NFT created from Gibon pool!!!


December - 1st DEX tokens GiveAway!
Free Milk tokens from MuesliSwap for top 6 delegators (epoch 308-311)
Every epoch we write down top 6 stakers with most Ada, who delegates whole epoch.

1K Ada Staked = 1 Milk
On epoch 312 we will send Milk tokens to the winners!

1 mined block = 1 extra winner will get 50 Milk + 5k Pigy tokens!!!
Example: Your stake is 100k Ada whole epoch - you will get 100 Milk/epoch
Max 10k Milk will be given away. Happy Staking!

January 2022
To be announced!

NEW Stakers can also get free Pigy tokens, what do you need to do? 
1) Stake at least 1k Ada at GIBON pool
2) Send 2 Ada from your staking wallet to address
Do not send Ada from exchanges, only from Yoroi or Daedalus wallet!
3) In 24 hours We will send you Ada back with PIGY tokens .
More Ada you stake - More PIGY tokens you get.

If you don't receive Pigy tokens contact us at gibonpool@gmail.com.
More info about Pigy at https://pigytoken.com

For more info join my telegram channel or keep updated on twitter
 about the prices and winners!


I am IT Professional with more than 10 years of experience in IT sector. This pool is situated in Czech Republic and runs on three reliable, virtual private servers. One block producer and two relays distributed on different hosts in a data center in Germany, with multiple Internet connections. I am big fan of Cardano from the testnet, and I would like to be a part of this beautiful ecosystem. Please, consider to support Single-pool Operators instead of exchanges and big players to help Cardano decentralization.